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Pictures from 7th October 2003
Pictures from our fun night, ramp racing which was superb !!

Pictures from 29th September 2003
Steves Piccolo helicopter, put on a superb flying display !

Pictures from 12th May 2003

Micro track layout was a gem, and the clubs AMB system is up and running thanks to Steves efforts

Lee brought his PTI Racing Porsche bodyshell, looking fantastic

Steve brought a new RX7 bodyshell, painted in flip-flop multicolour paint, which looks superb

John brought his Mercedes until the Lotus is ready

2003Q2 trophy winners got their trophies at last

Pictures from 23rd December 2002 - Fun night

The full lineup of novelty cars

Dougal the V12 dog

Fantastic stretched Limo

Mobile phone

V12 reliant robin on three wheel chassis

Desert coloured tank

Pictures from 30th September 2002 - Q3 Finals Meeting

Rostrum during a tense final

Steve mans race control like a surgeon wielding a scalpel

Cars mid-race, overtaking for position

Division 1 Winner - Steve, runner up James

Division 2 Winner - Terry, runner up Andy

Division 3 Winner - Paul, runner up TimB

Division 4 Winner - Paul, runner up Warran

Pictures from 19th August 2002 Meeting

Johns fantastic pro-painted body - looks a million dollars!

Steves 'chequebook racing' sponsored highly modified Micro, fully upgraded with carbon/titanium/alloy, if you are interested in buying this car, please contact Steve (four figure offers only please)

V12 cars lined up before a heat

A slightly over the top perhaps, but certainly a unique approach to motor cooling :-)

Pictures From January 2002 Meeting

A good shot of the layout of our hall, showing the outer oval and inner micro circuits

We use the stage for our pitting area, where cars are fixed/charged between heats

The stage makes a great drivers rostrum

Race control desk and tuck shop, Micro race in progress

Mardave V12s lined up for the B final using the outer oval

HPI Micros, lined up in front of our sponsors banner :-)

Micros in action on the inner circuit

Steve 'the wallet' showing off his Micro Skyline

Another lucky winner in the TMC club raffle

Don't worry when it comes to your turn to run Race Control, as full training is given

The club only has room for one Prima Donna - our very own Dan 'Born in Jam' Warner

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