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Mardave V12 with standard Megane body Mardave V12 chassis - std for all cars Mardave V12 with Nascar Truck body

A video of one of our Supastox races shows a typical race:

Taunton Ministox Club race Mardave V12 but mostly Schumacher Supastox GT12 1/12th scale radio controlled racing cars on a carpet track using controlled motors and batteries. Modifications are restricted to keep costs down. Mardave V12 cars are extremely robust and spare parts are cheap, so running costs are low, and car to car contact is allowed and encouraged for fun racing. Schumacher Supastox are more sophisticated so contact is restricted to rubbing only. We run a points league based on quarterly seasons, with trophies for winners and runner up in each division, so everyone has something to aim for. The cars all run on the same chassis, but a wide choice of bodyshells can be bought and painted so drivers can personalise the car as they choose.

Come along any Monday evening (except Bank Hols) to Trull Memorial Hall, Taunton, Somerset. Racing starts at 7.30pm, setup from 7pm. If you have any questions, or comments on the club or website please click here to email feedback@tauntonministoxclub.co.uk.

See our Links page for more info on Manufacturers websites, and other shops/suppliers.

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